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Writing is a creative practice that offers individuals the opportunity to explore their lives in written form. An act of self-compassion, reflection, and catharsis, writing and journaling gives individuals a tool for exploring personal experience and emotions. As a Registered Professional Counsellor with a strong foundation in writing as a therapeutic tool, I have been guiding clients for 20 years toward a place of strength, and self-awareness.

These courses are open to all individuals, especially those who have never thought of themselves as writers.  Healing happens through expression of the challenges we've endured. It's how we reclaim our power and re-connect with a knowledge and awareness that is unique to who we are.

Together through a personal and caring mentor relationship, writers learn how to craft their experiences. Group workshops provide support and nurturing of this personal practice as we work through what emerges in writing toward acceptance, healing and growth. 

Writing: Services
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